Some marketing nudges

Posted on May 17, 2011




By and large Greek restaurants have the longest menus than any other type of restaurant.

 Depending on personality type when faced with so many options we might plump for something we are most familiar with or we might reach a state of paralysis and rely on someone else to make a decision for us (I call these people ‘choice agents’).  From the restaurants point of view upwards of 50% of the customers actively seek help in making a decision.

 In Manhattan there is a chain of Greek restaurants.

Like so many restaurants the menu runs to several pages.


Theere are the multiple variations of hot starters, cold starters

charcoal grills, main dishes, fish dishes, vegetarian dishes

side dishes, salads etc.



Pinned on the inside front cover is a ‘post it’ note, with five of

“Today’s specials”.


Actually “Today’s specials” never change.


They account for 80% of all the meals sold in the restaurant

and are the five meals with the highest profit margin.

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