Go Further and Just Do it

Posted on May 14, 2012


In the social era, the hallmark of an adaptive brand and business is one that moves quickly from “telling” what it does, through understanding and articulating the value that it creates – to having the confidence to communicate its sense of purpose through an idea.  All brands are on this journey and some got there a few years ago. Ford, Go Further. Nike, Just do it.

Today, brands have to move quickly to being engaged with the things that matter most to customers, employees and those that have influence.  But, like the problem of lack of product differentiation that heralded brand positioning, I suspect that there will be also a finite number of meaningful shared purposes from which to converse and engage.

Here’s the history of ACME and a tongue-in-cheek scorecard to help you see where your brand or business is today.

1/10: Acme. We make great widgets

2/10: Acme. The world’s finest widget makers.

3/10: Celebrating 10 years of widgets.  Acme

4/10:  Acme. More than just widgets.

5/10:  Your Acme. Widgets with you in mind.

6/10: Small solutions for big problems.  Acme

7/10:  Acme. Taking on the world’s widget problems.

8/10:  Widgets make the world go round.  Acme

9/10: Small is beautiful.  Acme

10/10:  # Little things matter