brand and business strategy

Some businesses are adept at understanding what their customers value most and the tectonic plate shifting of values being brought about by consumer empowerment, recession and the creative application of digital technologies.Other businesses through legacy systems and/or existing ways of thinking are some way off from knowing or articulating the perceived value of what they create (if indeed they do). And they end up measuring all the wrong things.

In the words of Peter Drucker, “there is only one valid definition of business purpose: to create a customer”. His insight – that business exists to create value or indeed wealth for its customers – is most relevant today, as we seek ways out of this unholy mess created by those who’ve put profit ahead of customer value.

Creativity is at the heart of value creation and as Edward de Bono observed “the purpose of creativity is to deliver old values in a new way (better way) or to deliver value or values that are indeed new in themselves”. Take the case of Jeff Bezos at Amazon who so correctly identified that his business would make money when and because they help customers make better purchasing decisions (the thing Amazon customers value most).

If you’re in the business of creating value from ideas, it’s time to identify and measure what really counts.

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