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Where there’s muck, there’s creativity

May 22, 2012


Having a blocked drain is one of those moments when we have to make decisions fast. With Dyna “this”, Dyna “that”, Rod “this” and Rod “that” our choices for whom to call are complicated by the sheer amount of plumbers and drainage “experts” avialable, all offering a near identical service. And so when in this […]

If the choices for social media give you a headache, the decision for the remedy might be just as painful

May 21, 2012


Go Further and Just Do it

May 14, 2012


In the social era, the hallmark of an adaptive brand and business is one that moves quickly from “telling” what it does, through understanding and articulating the value that it creates – to having the confidence to communicate its sense of purpose through an idea.  All brands are on this journey and some got there […]

Less is more

April 20, 2012


Less is more. It’s an old adage that’s never been so relevant. I have been the architect of many brand concepts and my favourites are “Everybody needs a place to think” BBC FOUR, “Do something different” The Barbican, and “Simplify complexity” Data Interconnect. They each have a very different story – but let me tell […]

Framework for brand thinking….

June 13, 2011


1……… Branding today is about creating communities around ideas that pull 2.   Success depends on the ability to initiate experiences that evolve, adapt and are contributed to by consumers for sharing within their networks   3.   Behavioural insight is the engine of brand ideas   4.  Ideas have to be immediately recognisable for relevance, […]

Age of choice reading shortlist

May 30, 2011


1. (obviously) NUDGE : improving decisions about health, wealth and happiness. Thaler and Sunstein.   2. The Decisive Moment: how the brain makes up its mind. Jonah Lehrer.   3. The Drunkard’s Walk: how randomness rules our lives. Leonard Mlodinow    

The Age of Choice: how did we get here?

May 12, 2011


I don’t take credit for this particular title, that I think probably lies with Jeff Bezos of Amazon fame and Charles Eames. Charles Eames wrote that “ beyond the age of information lies the age ot choice”.  He clearly had seen the message of Moore’s law and Algorithmic information theory, that in a future world […]